Convert your idea into a solid product

from the concept to marketing, by your side to carry out your project in 6 strategic steps

1. Have an original idea but don’t know where to start?

Share your product concept with our team: together we will analyse its feasibility and profitability.

2. Concept creation

From idea to project: during this phase we set guidelines. Drawing upon a study of all available solutions on the market we evaluate the key factors to make your idea successful.

3. Researching technologies

It’s now time to get your project ready for production. With our skilled partners we define the technologies and requirements for industrial production.

4. 3D printer prototyping

Your definitive product: for the first time – a prototype thanks to the convenience and versatility of 3D printing.

5. Funding research

Marketing Support: we help you to gather the funding necessary to commercialise your product, for example by selecting call for tenders and benefits suited to your needs.

6. Product communication

The final phase: together we identify the best suited communications channels for your product to reach its ideal target.

How to come about materialising your idea?

The first step is to get in touch with the dedicated department of RS21: “Send us your proposal on LinkedIn along with your name, surname, and email address.