Creativity, design and automotive engineering 

We design the future of the automotive industry together with the major companies in the sector.

RS21 works with automotive industry leaders in vehicle development. Covering analysis and concept, engineering and design; from technical drafting to prototype development.

Our work:

concept & analysis area | engineering & analysis area

With a highly skilled team, we are able to manage the entire project cycle or individual engineering phases.

  • Body frames, mobile parts, exterior finishings
  • Interiors, dashboards, interior finishings and seats
  • Chassis suspensions and braking systems
  • Engine Systems, cooling and fuel systems
  • Vehicle Integration, bodywork and machine packaging
  • Powertrain, clutch and gearbox controls

are some of the functional areas of the vehicle for which we cover the entire engineering cycle.

Evoluzione GT

A legend and his plan

For this project we referred to the inspiring principles that designers and bodywork mechanics have followed throughout Italian automotive history. Values that, between memory and actuality, establish a precise identity for Web Composite automotive group RAV aerospace brand, and an interesting perspective for a new and broad affirmation of success in the automotive sector.

Italian vehicles have always distinguished themselves for some distinctive features: compact size, controlled engine displacement, exceptionally lightweight with a minimal and charming design.

Therefore, Evoluzione GT combines an optimal level of technology with features of iconic models, such as Lancia Delta HF and Delta S4 – now in limited production.

Evoluzione GT is the expression of a typically Italian way of thinking and building cars, a synthesis between past and future that has attracted great attention among connoisseur and the wider Italian public.


Creating art in motion

Mantis is the synthesis of current Italian good taste: to be in order to be, and not to appear to be.

An authentic Italian sports car, character, style, performance, appearance and driving experience. It combines, in an original manner, cutting-edge and sinuous lines whilst preserving a classic style.

Mantis is a modern breathtaking sculpture, whether stationary or in motion, it’s always ready to speed off like a mantis on its prey: the road ahead. That’s its nature and the essence of who drives it.

Drawing on our considerable experience we have devised and developed a structural composite frame for Mantis. A monocoque chassis, peculiar for its squared shape with a multifunctional floorpan adaptable to other projects. The latter may be laminated for the two seater or 2+2 model, and accomodate diverse front and rear frame engines. This is a distinguishing feature, not only does it give character to Mantis but it also allows third parties to purchase the floorpan separately for other projects, thereby avoiding bodywork refitting.